In early 2016 my wife and I began looking to relocate from East Dallas back to my hometown of Farmers Branch.  At the time, Todd had just built a spec home on Eric lane.  The house was beautiful, and we fell in love immediately and made an offer.  Unfortunately, our offer was rejected.  Even though our offer was more, Todd felt obliged to honor his first offer even though it was for less.  In our eyes, this was the ultimate character reference.  A few days later Todd reached out to us directly and told us that if we liked that home, he was happy to build us one and knew of several lots in the area that would be available in the near future.  Todd Bonneau Homes are turn-key builders.  He was able to provide us with several different architect options, pool builders, and landscape design companies.  He even provides an Interior Designer!  We settled upon a gorgeous modern farmhouse design and the final result was nothing short of extraordinary.  Todd is wonderful in handling all different types of customers. For me being OCD I can attest to his patience, and always being available to answer every question!  While we love our home, we know that one day we will move again.  We look forward to building another dream home with Todd Bonneau Homes!

Todd and his team were fantastic to work with!  While I was concerned by the amount of time it would take to make all the decisions regarding a custom home, their guidance and advice made the process easy. From the beginning to the end, Todd was always quick to address any questions or concerns.  We are impressed by the high quality of his work, and we love our new home.

What can we say, other than Todd really had his hands full when he took us on as clients. We both come from creative backgrounds, one in performing arts and the other from the fashion industry so needless to say we were very particular when it came to our build. Todd met every challenge we tossed at him thoughtfully and respectfully while doing everything in his power to make sure we received what we had requested or worked side by side with us to come up with a compromise to meet our needs/wants.  We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help see our vision through by creating our “dream home”... I can’t believe I just typed dream home... how corny! Regardless, working with Todd Bonneau Homes was a truly exceptional experience.

I never thought that I would have a custom home built. Circumstances caused me to change my mind. Mine is a "tear down old and rebuild new, community." Since I wanted to stay in my community, I engaged Todd Bonneau Homes. Todd Bonneau Homes has been rebuilding my neighborhood for several years; one beautiful custom home at a time. Todd held our hand through the whole process. He helped us pick an architect and provided a designer for the details. Last minute changes were not a problem. I lived close to the building sight so I was able to be there a lot. I often heard comments from building inspectors regarding the high quality of construction. No large project is completed without issues. All problems were addressed promptly and continued to be addressed after we moved in. We now have an exceptional home built to our specifications and needs.